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Maharishi Vidya Mandir introduced Only Success Leadership Academy school programme for the students of class IX and X and a few students have opted this programme at the Primary Level. The classes are held once in a week for each section. Special trainers from the academy handle these classes. It focuses areas like Study Skills, Life Skills and Leadership Skills. Study Skills cover speed reading, mind mapping, exam skills and super power memory. Life skills cover goal setting, personal motivation skills, relationship with parents and siblings. Communication skills, high confidence, time management and public speaking skills are covered under Leadership skill. OSLA teaches adopt many techniques, based on neuro-linguistics programmes and whole brain methods that will support children to face the challenges in life.


I am Jyotsna of class V B. I express, my opinion about OSLA classes; it is very useful for my studies. Our coach is very kind. At our previous class our coach told us a story about a girl williama who suffered to walk but her enthusiasm and spirit in her made her win 2 gold medals in the race. We also learnt and principles which are based on Humor, Association, Overview, Colour, Visualization, etc. after this. I have no words to speak about OSLA. I can only define it in 3 words. I love OSLA!!!

I am S.Niveditha, student of class IX. I would like to share some merits about OSLA classes. I am experiencing a good, enjoyable and a great valued class every week. By different methods we learn different things like, the Journey Methods and Flash Cards. We are taught the Memory Game and Time Management. We also learn the Mind Map Method which develops our ideas. I like the Flash card method because it is very challenging for us to understand some typical words. OSLA Classes are very interesting and useful. I think I am lucky to be in this school and to have “Only success” class. Thanks to our senior principal for giving us OSLA class.

I am Chetna V Bohra of class X. I would like to share my viewS I had started OSLA classes from the month of June. We had these class commencing from past 6 months. Personally I had been enjoying these classes. These classes are known for their unique ways that helps to improve one memory.
These classes also accelerated my self confidence and I recognized my inner self and leader ship qualities. The teachers are very enthusiastic and motivating. They even provoke the belief that no one is perfect. In order to become perfect, we should improve our self motivation and leadership qualities.
I even enjoyed the methods used in removing stress. Especially the coach Mr.Riyaz’s ways of building confidence. Using colors in our work, we can be more focused and accurate.
………Hoping I become a better leader and a citizen.

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