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Different Competitions were held for all wings of the school on the occasion of Maharishi’s Centenary Celebrations. A Quiz competition based on Maharishi’s contributions was conducted for the students of Std. XI. Three teams participated in the Quiz and four students Srivathsava.N, Siddharth.S, S.Gokul Ram, Ajay Kumar.M of XI A2 emerged as winners.


School Election for the post of School Pupil Leader Boy and Girl, School Ambassador, Assistant School Pupil Leader Boy and Girl was organized on 29th June 2017, in a democratic way. The Students who contested for the different posts gave a speech about their manifesto and the students later cast their votes based on their speeches.


Yoga is an ancient science. Yoga is a link between body and mind. It describes an ancient Indian form of exercise that combats stress, increases flexibility and builds strength. This is achieved through a series of postures, called Asanas and breathing techniques - Pranayama.

The aim of yoga is to remove obstacles and move from Adharma to Dharma. Yoga aims at helping students to create certain positive mental states by developing one’s own body awareness. Yoga unadulterated, still stands the test of centuries. Nothing, so far, has surpassed the religious, scientific, mental, moral and even physical discipline of yoga.

Its practice results in health, youth, strength, harmony and peace of mind. Nearly all the great men of India in the past as well as now have been practising yoga in one form or another and it is for the present day leaders, teachers, parents to revive these asanas which can give growing generations all they need in the way of building their body, character and spirits.

Yoga justly deserves its world-wide reputation as perhaps the best exercise for the mind and body. Yoga is not just about exercises, it’s a way of life. Other than performing asanas regularly, moderation in food, discipline in behaviour, purity in thought are also a part of yoga.

For good health it is necessary for everyone to do something with the body so that it remains flexible and normal. The advantage of yogasanas over other eastern and western systems of physical posture is that they do not consume energy. They help to restore life force, promote health and maintain normal conditions in the body. From the time of its inception in 1983, the Institution imparts regular training to the students, in the technique of Yogasanas, Pranayama and Transcendental Meditation as an integral part of the curriculum.

One thousand students from the Middle and Secondary classes along with eighty teachers under the guidance of our school authorities took part in the session. Students and teachers maintained the dress code. The day began with a Prayer in meditative posture with Namaskara Mudra. Students were actively involved in loosening practices and warming up exercises related to neck, shoulders and knee movements and performed asanas.

The session came to a close with a sankalpa and yogic pledge. Unity is strength was propagated during the session that lasted between 7.30 a.m. and 8.00 a.m. on 21st June in the school premises.

“Yoga is not just about exercises, it’s a way of life”.


Career Counseling Sessions by Admission Campuz and ESL are organized on fourth Friday of every month to give career guidance. Experts from the field guide the students about the courses available in different colleges and universities within India and abroad.


As per the instructions given by Directorate CBSE, our school conducted various activities to celebrate GANIT week from 16.12 2015 to22.12. 2015.

Following are the details of the activities conducted on different days.

On 16.12.2015 : Sri G Hari Babu ,HOD, Mathematics department and Vice Principal M.V.M , Chetpet , Chennai 31. addressed the students of classes IX and X. He spoke about the importance of Mathematics in our daily life. He also narrated few anecdotes from the lives of few great mathematicians.

17.12.2015: A quiz competition was conducted for the students of classes IX and X .

18.12.2015: Sudoku competition was held for the students of class VIII. More than 30 students took part in the competition.

19.12.2015: Magic square competition was held for students of class VII. Nearly 40 students took part in this.

21.12.2015: Cross word puzzle solving competition was held for the students of class IX. Two students were selected from each section. Total number of students who took part in this was 16.

22.12.2015: For the students of class VI Rubic Cube competition was held. 28 students took part in this competition. The student who came first did solve the puzzle with in 22 seconds.

At the end of the session, Mrs. Janki the senior teacher addressed the students. She appreciated the efforts put up by the students and the teachers to make the Ganit Week a grand success. The session ended with the singing of national anthem.

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